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The International Olympiad of Science, a test of competence and proficiency in Science, is held annually at the National and International levels, based on syllabus prescribed by CBSE/ICSE and the State Boards. Apart from syllabus, a part of test paper is based on the Applied Science. Detailed syllabus with sample question paper is provided along with this Information Booklet. Please refer the books published by Silverzone for the preparation of iOS. SSE recommends the competition for each and every student who is Studying Science as their subject in the school.

Students judge themselves at international levels. The tests at local or regional level does not provide the right insight and judgment about the challenges ahead.
iOS builds a solid foundation for school students to excel in Science based on ICSE,CBSE and State board syllabus.
A comprehensive report based on Olympiad examination enables students to delve deeper into their strengths and weaknesses. It also motivates them towards excellence.
iOS promotes Science talents from school to national and higher levels by recognizing their merits and awarding them.
iOS promotes participation of the teachers for the benefits of the student community.

Structure of the Olympiad

Level 1 :All the students of classes 1st to 12 are eligible to take part in Level 1
Level 2 :Top 500 Olympiad rank holders of the 1st Level from each class will compete for top positions in a 2nd level examination. All Class 1st rank holders with minimum 75% of Marks with Minimum 75 Students from a particular school are also eligible for Level 2.
Level 3 :Olympiad 1st Rank Holders of classes 6th to 12th from 2nd level will be eligible for Level 3. Level 3 will be conducted at New Delhi, India.

Fee Structure and Study Material

FOR SCHOOLS OUTSIDE INDIA : The participation fee for the Olympiad is USD$8 per student.
Study Material : The cost of Preparatory Text Book (For Classes 1st to 10th) (USD$4), Sample Question Paper Booklet (For Classes 1st to 12th) (USD$4) and Science Olympiad Excellence Guide (For Classes 1st to 10th) (USD$10) which is not included in the fee. FOR SCHOOLS IN INDIA : The participation fee for the Olympiad is Rs.120/- per student.
Study Material (For Classes 1st to 12th) : The Study material for schools are available at the discounted price. The price of Preparatory Text Book (For Classes 1st to 10th) (Rs.60/-), Sample Question Paper Booklet (For Classes 1st to 12th) (Rs.60/-) and Science Olympiad Excellence Guide (For Classes 1st to 10th) (Rs. 200/-) which is not included in the fee.
The print price of the Preparatory Text Book is Rs. 80/-, Sample Question Paper Booklet is Rs. 80/- and Computer Olympiad Excellence Guide is Rs. 280/-.

Payment Mode

For Payment mode in India and Aborad, please refer to the ‘School Registration Form’.

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“It is an excellent competitive exam which enhances literacy standard among school children. The meticulous and systematic system of conducting the exam and sending the result of the same is excellent.” Ms Brunda Arun: DPS, Bangalore


“iiO is the best exam organized by computer literacy foundation to improve the knowledge of the students in the field of computer science and IT. ”Arun K. Pathak: Holy Cross Sch, Kolkata


“Children are getting more interested in computers and looking forward to other such exams for more felicitation.” Meena Waldia: DPS, Nigahi


“Very informative course material. Prizes for 1, 2, 3 rank holders for every class is very encouraging.”Sonal Thakkar: Centre Point School, Nagpur


“Good management. Timely response. International level. Best one, I have ever come across.”Padma Hiranandani: Gokuldham School, Mumbai


“Creating more interest in students for computer education. Good efforts for making computer subject as much important as other important subjects like Maths, Physics, etc.”Rajeev K. Srivastava: Seedling School, Jaipur


“iiO creates encouragement among students and creates IT awareness.”Mousumi Saha: National English School, Kolkata


“Nice platform for children to get into the International Level Competitions. Children are very much motivated.”Manisha Sharma: Amity International School, Gurgaon


“Doing really well. Students are taking interest as iiO has given them a platform to do something grate in the field of computer. Congratulation, keep it up. ”Deepshikha Sharma: DAV Centenary Public School, Haridwar


“ It is giving a chance to the students to go little beyond their syllabus to understand the concepts.”Ritu Bahari: Columbia Foundation School, New Delhi



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